3 Shower Options That Are Ideal For Elderly Individuals

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3 Shower Options That Are Ideal For Elderly Individuals

3 February 2016
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Installing a shower in your home for yourself or an elderly relative can be a bit difficult as normal showers can often be more than a little hazardous and difficult to use for elderly people or those with mobility issues. However, there are products on the market that can make showering safer and easier for anyone with mobility issues. Listed below are three shower options and accessories that are ideal for elderly individuals or those with limited mobility.

Barrier Free Shower

One of the most hazardous and inconvenient parts of a traditional shower for people with limited mobility is the rim that you have to step over in order to exit or enter the shower. This rim can often require a substantial amount of effort from an elderly or disabled person to get over and it can also potentially cause severe injury if it is tripped over. However, there are barrier free showers that can make this process much safer on you or a relative. 

A barrier free shower is a shower where the floor is flush with the floor of the rest of the bathroom. This means that no one has to step over a rim or other boundary in order to get into the shower. Another benefit is that this option means that anyone who is confined to a wheelchair can also simply roll into the shower without having to get out of the wheelchair at all. 


Another way to make a shower much safer for yourself or a relative with mobility issues is by providing seating within the shower itself. Showers are available that have built-in benches for an elderly or disabled individual to simply sit on while attempting to shower. This will allow the disabled or elderly individual to shower without exerting himself or herself too much by remaining standing throughout the shower, while also offering a nearby spot to take a seat safely if the strain of standing up becomes too much.


Finally, you can also add handles to a shower in order to make it even safer for elderly individuals. These handles will provide something that people can hold onto while exiting and entering the shower, while also providing something that they can grab onto nearby in the event that they start to slip or fall. These handles can also help a disabled or elderly individual by providing a way for them to take a bit of the strain out of standing up for an extended period of time in the shower.

Contact your local medical supply store or contractor in order to discuss the many things that you can do to your shower to it safer to use if you or a relative are elderly or disabled. Handles, seating, and barrier free showers are all great ways to make your shower easier and safer to use. Contact a company, such as Accessible Solutions, for more information about barrier-free showers.